Event for November 26th, Bali to Bala 20th Anniversary Celebration, Dec 2nd Free Queer/Trans Indonesian movie

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My friend, Sinta Penyami, owner of Modero dance group and Indonesian traditional dancer will be performing at this event on November 26th at our other friend’s store called Bali to Bala in Germantown. Ticket is $20 per person. Some more details you can find in the attachments including a movie poster and pictures as well details on other events they will hold.

I won’t be able to attend this event, however I will be at the free movie night on Dec 2nd with the Q&A talk afterwards. The movie is called Children of Srikandi about queer and trans folks in Indonesia.

Below is the official press release from Laura Cohn, I hope to see you all there!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 16, 2016Contact: Laura Cohn, (610) 529-2083

CHILDREN OF SRIKANDI, a documentary about queer women in Indonesia, screens in Chestnut Hill on Friday, Dec. 2nd. (Free admission.)

Being gay can be difficult enough in the United States. In a traditional culture, it can be even harder.

CHILDREN OF SRIKANDI is the first film about queer women in Indonesia, the country with the world´s largest Muslim population. In this striking documentary, eight authentic and poetic stories are interwoven with beautiful shadow theater scenes that tell the story of Srikandi, one of the characters of the Indian Mahabharata: A little girl wants to be a boy. A bench becomes a home and a witness to life. A house does not feel like home anymore. A veil makes you reflect on religion and sexuality. A verse of a poem is like a day in your life. A love can be in between. A female stereotype can be deconstructed. A label can be changed.

These moving individual stories are interwoven with the tale of Srikandi, an ancient mythological character of the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata, which is still frequently used in the traditional Javanese shadow puppet (wayang kulit) theatre plays. Srikandi is neither man nor woman, moving fluidly between both genders. When she falls in love with a woman, she has to understand that the only way to survive is to become a “female warrior”. Srikandi’s tale reminds us that same-sex love and gender variety were not imported from the west, but in fact form a deep and ancient aspect of Indonesian society. Soleh (25), the puppeteer and Anik (59), the singer, are both male to female transgendered people that have worked for many years as wayang kulit performers in Surabaya, East Java. In the film, Srikandi becomes a mirror image, moving from fiction to documentary, and from the past into the present.

For two years, and under the guidance of filmmakers Angelika Levi and Laura Coppens, CHILDREN OF SRIKANDI’s creation became a truly collective act reflecting the directors’ lived experiences as queer women in Indonesia. In the movie, participants collectively worked as crew members or actresses in each other’s film, with individual stories ranging from observational documentary and concept art to personal essay. Transformation is always inscribed in the narrative, form and identity are fluid, and perspectives are shifted.

CHILDREN OF SRIKANDI (www.childrenofsrikandi.com) screens at 7:30 pm on Thursday, December 2nd, at the From Bali to Bali show and sale of Indonesian handcrafts, 8335 Germantown Ave., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia (www.frombalitobala.com). Admission is free. For additional information on the film, or on From Bali to Bala, contact Laura Cohn at (610) 529-2083 or visit our FB page or website.

Join Task Force for Philly Queering Racial Justice Institute Sep 10 !!

Hi hotpot and allies!!

Want to expand your organizing skills in an environment dedicated to racial justice and LGBTQ identity? Join the National LGBTQ Task Force in Philadelphia Saturday, September 10 for their Queering Racial Justice Institute!
The day will include storytelling and skill-building for LGBTQ and ally people of color and white folks who want to build their anti-racist organizing skills. Workshops will be offered on Islamophobia, economic justice, decriminalization, coalition building, trans allyship, working through white privilege, and sustaining ourselves and each other. The Task Force is proud to partner with NAACP PA State ConferenceACLU of Pennsylvania and Equality Pennsylvania on this institute.

The institute will take place at The African American Museum in Philadelphia from 9am-6pm. Register today at: bit.ly/LGBTQracialjustice


[Sponsored Event] FringeArts 100% Philadelphia

We have another event coming up next week, and two of our very own hotpot! members are on the stage as well. Please come check out the show, with tickets starting at $1. We’re also a community sponsor of the event, and if you enter “Hotpot” into the promo box, you can help us win a $250 donation to our organisation as we continue our work to build community within the Philadelphia queer API community.

Event Information

Van 100%

Come and hang out with hotpot! at the Lantern Moon Festival on September 7th!!!

Folks, hotpot! is co-sponsoring and will be tabling at the Lantern Moon Festival on September 7th! The event starts from 10 am until 10pm. We would be located near the stage on the North of 5th Street of Washington Avenue. Below is a little info of what the Festival is gonna be like. The Lantern Moon Festival is a traditional Chinese and Vietnamese celebration of the harvest and full moon where the gods are thanked for the bountiful harvest of crops. The festival celebrates three concepts that have been celebrated for more than 1,000 years:  Gathering: family and friends coming together to celebrate the harvest and gathering of crops  Thanksgiving: to give thanks for the bountiful harvest and harmonious unions  Prayer: for blessings such as babies, a spouse, beauty, good health, longevity and good fortune The United Multicultural Chamber of Commerce will bring the excitement and fun of the traditional Lantern Moon Festival to Philadelphia on Washington Avenue from 4th Street through 6th Street in South Philadelphia on September 7, 2014 from 10 AM to 10 PM. This event is for the entire family and will be held rain or shine under tents. We want to give all children of the Philadelphia area the experience of a traditional Asian Moon Festival and bring families together in celebration. This will be the first traditional Lantern Moon Festival in Philadelphia. All races and nationalities are welcomed and encouraged to participate and enjoy this unique event that will showcase:  Professional Singers  Dancers (Salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata)  Hundreds of Lights of All Colors  Traditional Exotic Silk lit Lanterns  Moon cakes and other food  Dozens of Vendors & Food Trucks  Outdoor Barbeque  Games and Activities  Toy Giveaways for Children  Raffles for Prizes from Sponsor  Giveaway Gifts and Silk Lanterns  Children Face Painting  DJs and Bands  Animal Balloon Twisting For more information or to participate as a vendor, please email: umccphiladelphia@gmail.com OR CALL: Larry (English speaking) 267-254-7994 Izak (English speaking) 215-833-3920 Thomas (Chinese-Mandarin/Cantonese/Vietnamese speaking) 267-934-9888 Laurent (Indonesian speaking) 267-475-4412, Vikki (Vietnamese Speaking) 267-234-1854 Louis (Chinese-Mandarin speaking) 267-288-3696 Elizabeth (Vietnamese speaking) 267-307-0109