Stepping in to Take Action

Join us for a very special and important event!
hotpot! in collaboration with 1Love Movement and NQAPIA is holding a viewing and discussion of the film, Documented. Check out this link for the film trailer:
Details are all in the flyer below. Please RSVP on the Facebook event page:



April Potluck – 4/27

hey hotpot!,

The April potluck is going to be on Sunday 4/27. We switched from the usual third Sunday since it coincided with Easter in hopes that more of you can make it.

The plan is to make signs for Pride season that’s coming up. So bring your creative word play and stretch out your coloring fingers, and we’ll supply the sign materials.

Bring food! Bring a women-identified QAPI friend!

It will be at my place in Port Richmond. It’s bikeable from Center City or West Philly, and accessible by public trans. I have a cat. I have a large backyard so hopefully the weather will permit us to enjoy it.

Please email for exact address.

Hope many of you will come!


hotpot! Receives Wonder Women Award

hey hotpot!,

I had the honor this week of accepting the Wonder Women Award on behalf of hotpot! from the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund’s Wonder Women Committee. This is an incredible group of women who raise funds and awareness to impact issues affecting the lives of LGBTQ women. Each March, the committee (some members with whom hotpot! has collaborated over the years) spotlights a local organization whose work has helped to improve the lives of women and women-identified folks as a celebration of Women’s History Month.

As I was happy to discover, not just one or two, but several of the Wonder Women nominated hotpot! (along with a select few other organizations) for the honor! DVLF will be featuring hotpot! on its website and Facebook page, so check it out!

As a group that recruits members mostly by spreading word of our joyful monthly celebrations of queer and API roots, with food and with silly to risque to heavier connection-making conversations, it was really nice to be reminded that, along the way, we have also made a marked, affirmative impact among the community (allies included) that surround and support us. Folks speak highly of our collaborations on the immigration issues forums and through workshops at the TransHealth Conference, to name a couple. And they expect to hear more from us soon about the impending NQAPIA Regional Summit that we are hosting this July!

I wanted to share this so that you will give yourself a hearty pat on the back (or however you choose to show self-love and -pride) for each dish (be it tasty food or juicy gossip) you’ve brought to a potluck, each event you’ve helped with in any capacity, each time you’ve passed out a hotpot! card to a cute, maybe-API person at the Dyke March as an excuse to talk to them. You’re why hotpot! is known and respected in our amazing community.

May the (vegan/cage-, hormone-, gluten-, GMO-free/bacon-adoring) food flow plentifully at many potlucks to come!



hotpot! Special Event: Children of Srikandi


In lieu of our monthly potluck, we are departing from the usual to show Children of Srikandi, a film made by and about the queer women of Indonesia.

We are opening this event to everyone, so invite friends! Do bring food and drinks to share. We hope you all join us to experience this important film– on a very big tv!

If you are on Facebook, please RSVP so we can ensure accommodation for everyone.

Synopsis: CHILDREN OF SRIKANDI is the first film about queer women in Indonesia, the country with the world´s largest Muslim population. Eight authentic and poetic stories are interwoven with beautiful shadow theater scenes that tell the story of Srikandi, one of the characters of the Indian Mahabharata. This collective anthology transcends the borders between documentary, fiction and experimental film.

See for the full synopsis. For the trailer, click here:


Team Laurent – in need of your support!

Dear hotpot!ers,
We talk a lot about movement, about chosen family, about having each other’s backs.
We are writing to you to make that a reality. Our friend and chosen fam, Laurent, needs our help. Laurent is a queer immigrant living in Philadelphia. More importantly, Laurent is a fierce community activistloyal friend, and long-time member of hotpot!. Laurent was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, and is in urgent need of an MRI and other medications. Laurent’s medical costs are growing exponentially, and working multiple jobs just isn’t enough.
Picture this: 
*A world where we don’t need to rely on the state (with their unreliable funding) for our basic needs.
*A world where queer, immigrant, and other communities support each other.
*A world where the cost of healthcare doesn’t stop us from lifesaving care.
You can help build this world. Sometimes queer people talk about chosen family and community – our loved ones who, for some of us, take the place of our birth families, and for others, provide lots of different kinds of love and support that we need, because being queer has taught us that a nuclear family structure can’t meet all of our needs. We are Laurent’s community, and today Laurent needs us.
Can you help? Donate now!
There are a few ways you can support:
1. Please donate however much you can here: Every dollar really does help.
2. Please pass this email on to your chosen fam, your networks, your movements. Spread this story far and wide, so that we can support each other and build a new world together!
3. Reach out! As much as Laurent needs our financial support now, this is also a mental and emotional battle. Pick up the phone, send a letter, bake some pumpkin bread – however you want to, show Laurent some love!
In solidarity,
Team Laurent