[Sponsored Event] FringeArts 100% Philadelphia

We have another event coming up next week, and two of our very own hotpot! members are on the stage as well. Please come check out the show, with tickets starting at $1. We’re also a community sponsor of the event, and if you enter “Hotpot” into the promo box, you can help us winContinue reading “[Sponsored Event] FringeArts 100% Philadelphia”

Collaborative Workshop Initiative

hotpot! Presents: Collaborative Workshop Initiative Queer Asian-Pacific Island Women/Trans* folk gathering coordinates workshops exploring the intersection of queer and Asian identities By Van Nguyen January 22, 2013 Philadelphia, PA – The hotpot! Collaborative Workshop Initiative will create a series of six workshops: four in collaboration with various AAPI (Asian-American/Asian/Pacific-Islander) organizations in the area and twoContinue reading “Collaborative Workshop Initiative”

The holiday party is coming!

Hello friends! In just under a week, we will be celebrating with our friends and family in West Philly on Sunday, December 9th from 6-9PM. We hope to see you there to celebrate hotpot!’s achievements in this past year and to give gratitude to everyone who has supported us along the way. We’ll have food,Continue reading “The holiday party is coming!”

We support DreamActivist PA

We as an organisation support the efforts of one of our own and a Dream Activist fighting for Stanly Moriah’s freedom. Please support Erika, and the rest of the Dream Activists in this cause. ===== Hi y’all, I know hotpot does a lot of immigration work and I’m wondering if hotpot would be willing toContinue reading “We support DreamActivist PA”

Hello, we’re hiring a graphic designer

hotpot! is looking for a graphic designer! Position Overview hotpot! is excited to announce our first paid contracting position. We are looking for an engaged, talented, organized, and most importantly flexible graphic designer to work in collaboration with our community team in creating a Queer Newcomer’s Resource Guide to Philadelphia. There are multiple sections toContinue reading “Hello, we’re hiring a graphic designer”

Join us at the Philly Trans March 2012!

Hi hotpot! On October 6th, there will be a rally at Love Park for the Philly Trans* March. This is its second year of existence, and hotpot! was present last year to support their cause. We write to you today to ask you in joining us for this important march for equality. We have quiteContinue reading “Join us at the Philly Trans March 2012!”

Queer Beach Day 2012

Queer Beach Day 2012 happened on August 19th and it was amazing. It was so amazing that I didn’t have any time to take pictures. Around 30 folks showed up to beach and play paddle ball. Our friend Hillary’s dad bought us pizza and hoagies. I’m hoping to make this an annual event. Let’s beachContinue reading “Queer Beach Day 2012”

September Lesbioke!!!

Hello folks, LESBIOKE IS ON!!! I have gotten the final tally from our blog and the result is most people voted September 22nd, 7-10pm at New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant. Thank you for voting! We will be in their private karaoke room.They have a selection of songs and we can bring our own favorite CDs (fyi- itContinue reading “September Lesbioke!!!”

ASIAC Provides hotpot! Designed Safe Sex Kit

We are proud to announce the release of ASIAC’s new hypoallergenic safe sex kit, which debuted last night at our Sextalk workshop.  The kit contains 3 nitrile gloves, 2 polyisoprene condoms, 1 polyurethane female condom, 1 glycerin and paraben-free lube pillow, and a few cotton balls. hotpot! steering committee member Van introduced her own personalContinue reading “ASIAC Provides hotpot! Designed Safe Sex Kit”