Cool articles and radio show tomorrow morning folks!

Howdy folks!

Diana Lu just alerted me about these cool articles and radio show coming tomorrow morning at 10am so if you have time, check out what she has to say down below!
Hi folks,

One of our reporters (Jake Blumgart) at PlanPhilly wrote a piece about the parallels between the current refugee crisis and what it was like for Cambodian and Vietnamese refugees in the 70s and 80s. Later today, NewsWorks reporter Katie Colaneri will have an accompanying radio piece. Tomorrow morning at 10am Radio Times will be interviewing several of the refugees featured in Jake and Katie’s pieces.
Simultaneously, one of our other reporters (Catalina Jaramillo) put out an article today on the latest Mifflin Square redesign project, which highlights SEAMAAC’s work.
Quite a bit of coverage on Southeast Asian population in South Philly in 24 hours!


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