Recap: Jan 31st LGBTQ Immigration Event

Hello friends,

Did you make it to our 3rd LGBTQ Immigrant Rights Community Forum on January 31st? We held it at the William Way Center and over 80+ attended. We were moved by narrative stories of LGBTQ newcomers to Philadelphia. Conversations were layered and we debated things like how we might want something now, but we might not want it long term. We also ate food, hung out with new friends and laughed a bit. As one participant Matthew wrote, “…we need to shift away from being on the defensive about e-verify. We need to make commitments that makes a municipality the most welcoming so people can do their best and work and care about what they are doing instead of being scared.” Another friend Erika wrote a message to LGBTQ newcomers, “You can find a home here. You can make your own version of family.” ❤
Below are some pictures, enjoy!

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