hotpot! Receives Wonder Women Award

hey hotpot!, I had the honor this week of accepting the Wonder Women Award on behalf of hotpot! from the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund’s Wonder Women Committee. This is an incredible group of women who raise funds and awareness to impact issues affecting the lives of LGBTQ women. Each March, the committee (some members with whom hotpot!Continue reading “hotpot! Receives Wonder Women Award”

Collaborative Workshop Initiative

hotpot! Presents: Collaborative Workshop Initiative Queer Asian-Pacific Island Women/Trans* folk gathering coordinates workshops exploring the intersection of queer and Asian identities By Van Nguyen January 22, 2013 Philadelphia, PA – The hotpot! Collaborative Workshop Initiative will create a series of six workshops: four in collaboration with various AAPI (Asian-American/Asian/Pacific-Islander) organizations in the area and twoContinue reading “Collaborative Workshop Initiative”

Recap: Jan 31st LGBTQ Immigration Event

Hello friends, Did you make it to our 3rd LGBTQ Immigrant Rights Community Forum on January 31st? We held it at the William Way Center and over 80+ attended. We were moved by narrative stories of LGBTQ newcomers to Philadelphia. Conversations were layered and we debated things like how we might want something now, butContinue reading “Recap: Jan 31st LGBTQ Immigration Event”

NQAPIA conference reflections

hey, a little late but  I did get a few photos to share at the NQAPIA conference this past July. i didn’t get to hang with other hotpot! folks as much as i wanted because i was mainly wearing my NQAPIA hat, but i did catch up with folks in the halls and of courseContinue reading “NQAPIA conference reflections”

The amazing experience that was NQAPIA

Wow, it’s already been a month since NQAPIA was held! I am in a different continent altogether and it really feels strange writing this blog post at this point in time. Numerous images from the conference are cascading my thoughts right now and I definitely remember being super excited and somewhat overwhelmed with the differentContinue reading “The amazing experience that was NQAPIA”

First time at a Queer AAPI South Asian National Conference

As the title says, it’s my first time being a presenter and attending a National Queer AAPI and South Asian conference so understandably, I was excited. Here are the skinny and bare opinions about some of the workshops I attended. How to Run the Best Meeting EVER! This was awesome and the best one yet.Continue reading “First time at a Queer AAPI South Asian National Conference”

Sextalk with hotpot! Fundraiser!

Hello everyone! Our newest event is now live and ready for you to rsvp on Facebook! What is it, you ask? Why, a workshop about sex, of course! ===== This is a safe queer space to talk about sex beyond the basics. Bring your experiences, questions, and dirty mouths to a fun facilitated workshop aboutContinue reading “Sextalk with hotpot! Fundraiser!”

Come and Join hotpot! at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

Hiya all, This year, hotpot! is brimming with excitement for our participation at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference (May 31st – June 3rd) at the Philadelphia Convention Center. The whole conference is free and you can register here. Below is the list of workshops/caucuses with API and South Asian content that we hope you willContinue reading “Come and Join hotpot! at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference”

NEUVSA conference

On April 5th, hotpot! joined the NEUVSA (North East Union of Vietnamese Student Associations, their acronym is pronounced “new-V.S.A.”) at Drexel University for a day filled with inspiration and conversations. My jaded heart was actually warmed by the keynote speaker, Ethan Nguyen, who shared an engaging and participatory speech on the power of courage andContinue reading “NEUVSA conference”

Queer/Trans and Immigrant Identities: Bringing Movements Together

On January 28th, hotpot!, along with NQAPIA (Ben de Guzman) and Unid@s (Lisbeth Melendez) presented a workshop called Queer/Trans and Immigrant Identities: Bringing Movements Together at the National Conference  on LGBT Equality: Creating Change. As one of the presenters, I was talking about my history of how I came to United States and about myContinue reading “Queer/Trans and Immigrant Identities: Bringing Movements Together”