Hello, we’re hiring a graphic designer

hotpot! is looking for a graphic designer!

Position Overview

hotpot! is excited to announce our first paid contracting position. We are looking for an engaged, talented, organized, and most importantly flexible graphic designer to work in collaboration with our community team in creating a Queer Newcomer’s Resource Guide to Philadelphia.

There are multiple sections to this project that will be discussed and affirmed in participatory meetings held by interested community members starting on October 25th at the William Way Center. With this initial meeting, we will decide on the scope and reach of our resource guide. At the moment, we envision a community guide that we can publish as a booklet, which might include narratives and provider resources.

Job Responsibilities

As a graphic designer, we hope that you will be able to organize our huge visions and specific details into a beautiful booklet/zine/manual like publication. Preference will be given to individuals living in Philadelphia, LGBTQ folks, newcomers of all sorts, good communicators, those who are willing to volunteer their time, and those who want to hang out with us.

Please email us for a full job description (I tried to upload it here, but you might not be able to find it). We’re looking to hire in the coming weeks.

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