Hello, we’re hiring a graphic designer

hotpot! is looking for a graphic designer! Position Overview hotpot! is excited to announce our first paid contracting position. We are looking for an engaged, talented, organized, and most importantly flexible graphic designer to work in collaboration with our community team in creating a Queer Newcomer’s Resource Guide to Philadelphia. There are multiple sections toContinue reading “Hello, we’re hiring a graphic designer”

Queer/Trans and Immigrant Identities: Bringing Movements Together

On January 28th, hotpot!, along with NQAPIA (Ben de Guzman) and Unid@s (Lisbeth Melendez) presented a workshop called Queer/Trans and Immigrant Identities: Bringing Movements Together at the National Conference  on LGBT Equality: Creating Change. As one of the presenters, I was talking about my history of how I came to United States and about myContinue reading “Queer/Trans and Immigrant Identities: Bringing Movements Together”

Border Crossings: Immigration and Transgender Communities

This workshop at the Trans Health Conference was presented by three people, Caitlin, Priyank and Laurent. There were a lot more people than expected attending and we had a great discussion time as well as some stories/resources sharing. Below are the handouts Caitlin shared with everyone at the conference. Queer and Trans Immigration Resource ListContinue reading “Border Crossings: Immigration and Transgender Communities”