hotpot! Special Event: Children of Srikandi

In lieu of our monthly potluck, we are departing from the usual to show Children of Srikandi, a film made by and about the queer women of Indonesia. We are opening this event to everyone, so invite friends! Do bring food and drinks to share. We hope you all join us to experience this importantContinue reading “hotpot! Special Event: Children of Srikandi”

Queer Beach Day 2012

Queer Beach Day 2012 happened on August 19th and it was amazing. It was so amazing that I didn’t have any time to take pictures. Around 30 folks showed up to beach and play paddle ball. Our friend Hillary’s dad bought us pizza and hoagies. I’m hoping to make this an annual event. Let’s beachContinue reading “Queer Beach Day 2012”

Queer/Trans and Immigrant Identities: Bringing Movements Together

On January 28th, hotpot!, along with NQAPIA (Ben de Guzman) and Unid@s (Lisbeth Melendez) presented a workshop called Queer/Trans and Immigrant Identities: Bringing Movements Together at the National Conference  on LGBT Equality: Creating Change. As one of the presenters, I was talking about my history of how I came to United States and about myContinue reading “Queer/Trans and Immigrant Identities: Bringing Movements Together”

NQAPIA 2011 summit in San Jose, CA…

The NQAPIA (The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance) 2011 summit was an inspiring experience for a new organizational leader such as myself.  The summit allowed me to network with the many Queer Asian and Pacific Islander organizations across the country.  It was particularly interesting to speak to people who have been doing social justiceContinue reading “NQAPIA 2011 summit in San Jose, CA…”

I Am film review

On July 9th, seven hotpot!-ers and friends went to see I Am, a documentary film by Sonali Gulati at Philadelphia QFest. The documentary tells us about her struggle in coming to terms with the fact that she hadn’t come out to her mother as a lesbian before her passing. Compelled by this need, she interviewedContinue reading “I Am film review”

Les-bi-oke Night Poll

UPDATE: We will have Les-bi-oke Night on August 27th from 6-8pm at New Harmony, a vegetarian family restaurant, located at 135 N. 9th Street (Cherry Street).  The cost will be $15 per person with dinner (a buffet style with 7 items of food). RSVP now to so we can get the room deal!  ThisContinue reading “Les-bi-oke Night Poll”