First time at a Queer AAPI South Asian National Conference

As the title says, it’s my first time being a presenter and attending a National Queer AAPI and South Asian conference so understandably, I was excited. Here are the skinny and bare opinions about some of the workshops I attended. How to Run the Best Meeting EVER! This was awesome and the best one yet.Continue reading “First time at a Queer AAPI South Asian National Conference”

Reflections of Deen’s “Draw the Circle”

I experienced Deen’s “Draw the Circle” on April 5th, and thought it was so electrifying that I had to experience it on April 8th also. I come away with many thoughts, three of them follow: 1. I think that art is not merely the show on the stage. After seeing the same theatrical piece onContinue reading “Reflections of Deen’s “Draw the Circle””

MLK Immigrant Rights are Human Rights March

On MLK day, hotpot! members joined together with people from across the city of Philadelphia to march in support of immigrant rights as human rights. Arch Street Ministries were filled with people bundled against the cold and ready to listen to speakers from across Philadelphia. Speakers included representatives from Asian Student Association of Philadelphia, DreamContinue reading “MLK Immigrant Rights are Human Rights March”

Hotpot! recieves grant from Delaware Valley Legacy Fund

On Tuesday, September 20th,  six hotpot! members attended a ceremony in which we received a $3,550 grant award from the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund (DVLF) – Racial Equity Initiative (REI). In June 2011 the steering committee collaborated on and applied to this grant; and in early August we received word that we had been accepted.  Hotpot! isContinue reading “Hotpot! recieves grant from Delaware Valley Legacy Fund”

Border Crossings: Immigration and Transgender Communities

This workshop at the Trans Health Conference was presented by three people, Caitlin, Priyank and Laurent. There were a lot more people than expected attending and we had a great discussion time as well as some stories/resources sharing. Below are the handouts Caitlin shared with everyone at the conference. Queer and Trans Immigration Resource ListContinue reading “Border Crossings: Immigration and Transgender Communities”

“Our Lives: Queer API Experiences” at the Trans Health Conference

Here is a summary on Van and Tay’s workshop at the THC: Van and I held a workshop on the last day of the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference called “Our Lives: Queer API Experiences.”  Unlike many of the workshops ours was not a panel discussion but rather a caucus.  We arranged the chairs in aContinue reading ““Our Lives: Queer API Experiences” at the Trans Health Conference”

hotpot! helps bring Mia Mingus and Stacey Milbern to QTC

March 25-27 was Swarthmore’s annual Queer and Trans Conference.  I was a part of the planning committee and also did some work with the artists’ collective I started (Zero Hour Artists’ Collective) to make advertisements and decorations for some of the events.  This year our goal was to really integrate the Philadelphia community (more proactively)Continue reading “hotpot! helps bring Mia Mingus and Stacey Milbern to QTC”

Creating Change Conference Summary

In our efforts to come to the Creating Change, we did fundraising. There was a lot of internal support from the members and external support from other groups. We had a direct ask fundraising workshop with Vanessa from API Equality, we also get supports from Chong (Shades Of Yellow) and National Queer API Alliance (NQAPIA)Continue reading “Creating Change Conference Summary”