Visibility Project: share your story —sign up here

Visibility Project Comes to Philly A national portrait + video project dedicated to the Queer Asian American Women, Trans, and Gender non-conforming communities. The Visibility Project breaks barriers through powerful imagery and storytelling. CONFIRMED DATE Sunday, June 23, 2013 LOCATION William Way LGBT Community Center 1315 Spruce St. Philadelphia, PA 19107 ARE YOU ELIGIBLE ThisContinue reading “Visibility Project: share your story —sign up here”

Holiday partaayy

December 9th marked the celebration of hotpot!’s year long achievements in community building and striving for social justice in Queer Asian circles.  The gathering at the holiday party was huge and most people arrived bearing gifts and a dish to give tribute to the hard work and dedication of hotpot!’s allies and members. While oneContinue reading “Holiday partaayy”

NQAPIA conference reflections

hey, a little late but  I did get a few photos to share at the NQAPIA conference this past July. i didn’t get to hang with other hotpot! folks as much as i wanted because i was mainly wearing my NQAPIA hat, but i did catch up with folks in the halls and of courseContinue reading “NQAPIA conference reflections”

additional haikus and non-haikus: reflections on nqapia conference

adoptee workshop hapa, mestiza, mixed race. queer. life in border- lands. fit in nowhere. not white enough. not asian enough. asian heart. white face. who decides? grounded to find coalition with qapi adoptee to white family. dear white family, please do not deny asian baby’s asian-ness. filipin@ caucus the american dream versus the filipin@ dream.Continue reading “additional haikus and non-haikus: reflections on nqapia conference”

NEUVSA conference

On April 5th, hotpot! joined the NEUVSA (North East Union of Vietnamese Student Associations, their acronym is pronounced “new-V.S.A.”) at Drexel University for a day filled with inspiration and conversations. My jaded heart was actually warmed by the keynote speaker, Ethan Nguyen, who shared an engaging and participatory speech on the power of courage andContinue reading “NEUVSA conference”

Mia Mingus talk at UPenn

On March 27th, 2012 at U Penn, Mia Mingus spoke on her intersecting identities and work in social justice. After Mia spoke, hotpot! was invited by the United Minorities Council to have dinner with Mia. There are two ideas/themes that I took away from the event. “social equity VS social justice” For years I hadContinue reading “Mia Mingus talk at UPenn”

My Indonesian Identity

So…what is Asian American? This question popped out in my head after we finished watching ‘A Song for Ourselves’, a movie about music and the beginning of Asian American Movement in the US. To me, being Asian American is confusing because I can be inside the Asian bracket but I never consider myself an American.Continue reading “My Indonesian Identity”

MLK Immigrant Rights are Human Rights March

On MLK day, hotpot! members joined together with people from across the city of Philadelphia to march in support of immigrant rights as human rights. Arch Street Ministries were filled with people bundled against the cold and ready to listen to speakers from across Philadelphia. Speakers included representatives from Asian Student Association of Philadelphia, DreamContinue reading “MLK Immigrant Rights are Human Rights March”