Dyke March- June 9th

This time a year ago I remember reading emails from the listserv and posts on the blog about dyke march. I remember being nervous and hesistant to come out and meet total strangers. I worried about fitting in, about the fact that I hadn’t really been active in Philadelphia’s queer community or had any experienceContinue reading “Dyke March- June 9th”

MLK Immigrant Rights are Human Rights March

On MLK day, hotpot! members joined together with people from across the city of Philadelphia to march in support of immigrant rights as human rights. Arch Street Ministries were filled with people bundled against the cold and ready to listen to speakers from across Philadelphia. Speakers included representatives from Asian Student Association of Philadelphia, DreamContinue reading “MLK Immigrant Rights are Human Rights March”

March on Martin Luther King Day: Immigrant Communities Fight for Human Rights!

Monday, January 16, 2012 10:30am until 12:30pm Meet at Arch Street United Methodist Church (next to City Hall) 55 N. Broad Street As many of you know we’re revving back up our work around immigration in 2012 with the help of the Asian Mosaic Fund.  Therefore we thought a great way to start would be toContinue reading “March on Martin Luther King Day: Immigrant Communities Fight for Human Rights!”

Queer, API, and Trans*: Marching with hotpot!

It was a cathartic event for me as a trans-feminine genderqueer person to march with my friends in support of trans* people on October 8th. Many of our members and allies joined in celebrating peoples’ gender identities and we had an amazing time meeting old and new friends as we marched around center city. EnergizedContinue reading “Queer, API, and Trans*: Marching with hotpot!”

Philly Trans March

The Philadelphia Trans March is Sat Oct 8th starting at 3pm in LOVE Park. “Open to people of all genders and gender expressions, the Philly Trans* March welcomes everyone to join in the celebration transgender and gender non-conforming identities, as well as to protest the hate, social injustice, and inequality faced by the community.” Hotpot!Continue reading “Philly Trans March”