Karaoke Becomes a hotpot! Tradition

On September 22, twenty hotpot! members and loved ones came together for singing and dinner at New Harmony restaurant in Chinatown. Some friends loved playing the 80’s tunes, and others wanted to play the current top 40 songs, and still others enjoyed John Lennon and kids’ songs. Two members admitted that though they were late-bloomersContinue reading “Karaoke Becomes a hotpot! Tradition”

September Lesbioke!!!

Hello folks, LESBIOKE IS ON!!! I have gotten the final tally from our blog and the result is most people voted September 22nd, 7-10pm at New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant.¬†Thank you for voting! We will be in their private karaoke room.They have a selection of songs and we can bring our own favorite CDs (fyi- itContinue reading “September Lesbioke!!!”

Les-bi-oke II polling

Hi folks, last year hotpot! had our first karaoke night and it was such a success,¬† we’re hoping we can make it hotpot!’s yearly tradition. We have yet to choose a location but it’s coming soon, along with other details. For now, we just want to gather people’s availability, so please choose your best availabilityContinue reading “Les-bi-oke II polling”