Dyke March and Pride, June 9th and 10th, come join us!!!

June is here and we invite you join us at the Dyke March and Pride. hotpot! members, family, friends, and allies will all be marching together. Dyke March-June 9th Rally: 3pm at Kahn Park (11th and Pine streets) March: Step off promptly at 4pm Historically, dyke marches were started as a protest to the more mainstream,Continue reading “Dyke March and Pride, June 9th and 10th, come join us!!!”

Dyke March- June 9th

This time a year ago I remember reading emails from the listserv and posts on the blog about dyke march. I remember being nervous and hesistant to come out and meet total strangers. I worried about fitting in, about the fact that I hadn’t really been active in Philadelphia’s queer community or had any experienceContinue reading “Dyke March- June 9th”

annual hotpot! hot pot

On Saturday, Feb. 25th hotpot! had our annual hot pot at a member’s home in Delaware.15 people attended and we had 2 new people join us! Three hot pots were set up, two with meat and one vegetarian.  Members brought a wonderful assortment of food- bok choy, fish balls, homemade vegetable broth, tofu, and watercressContinue reading “annual hotpot! hot pot”

2nd Annual Fundraiser Dinner!!

On November 18th, 2011 hotpot! threw our second annual fundraiser dinner. The fundraiser dinner’s purpose was to help members attending the Creating Change conference with travel expenses and wages lost. Over $1200 was raised, bringing us closer to our goal. hotpot! was graciously hosted at the beautiful home of Sarah Z, a fierce hotpot! allyContinue reading “2nd Annual Fundraiser Dinner!!”

Witness and Staying Power this Friday December 2nd!

Join hotpot! in supporting Tay and coming out for the opening of Witness at the Asian Arts Initiative on Friday, December 2nd starting at 6pm. Witness: 30 Artists reflect on 30 years of the AIDS Pandemic is a multi-media visual arts exhibition inviting artists to reflect on, explore and respond to the impact that theContinue reading “Witness and Staying Power this Friday December 2nd!”

This Friday: hotpot! fundraising dinner, zine launch and more

Join us for a cozy evening of good food, our zine launch, and an overview of hotpot! over the last year as we raise money for attending Creating Change. Read on for official invite and details below. You’re invited to our 2nd annual hotpot! fundraising dinner on Friday, November 18th, 2011 from 7-9pm. Hotpot! isContinue reading “This Friday: hotpot! fundraising dinner, zine launch and more”

AMF awards hotpot! $5,085!!

The Asian Mosaic Fund Giving Circle has elected to award Hotpot! a $5,085 grant!  There will be a grants award reception on November 15th at 5:30pm. We hope that you will attend and celebrate with us! For more information, please refer to the upcoming events page. Below is an overview of hotpot!’s proposal to theContinue reading “AMF awards hotpot! $5,085!!”