Creating Change Conference Summary

In our efforts to come to the Creating Change, we did fundraising. There was a lot of internal support from the members and external support from other groups. We had a direct ask fundraising workshop with Vanessa from API Equality, we also get supports from Chong (Shades Of Yellow) and National Queer API Alliance (NQAPIA)Continue reading “Creating Change Conference Summary”

Annual HotPot! HotPot!

Heya all! Just doing a little report here for people who didn’t know what’s what. Last Saturday, we had an annual HotPot! Hotpot at a member’s house in Wilmington, DE. People were bringing assortment of goodies to cook, from rice noodles to beef and mushrooms to fried tofus. The event was open not just toContinue reading “Annual HotPot! HotPot!”