FOOD TIME with hotpot!

Come and support hotpot! by sharing FOOD TIME at SMILE CAFE on Monday, November 21st and Tuesday, November 22nd from 5-9pm. FOOD TIME is a new fundraising endeavor where hotpot! will receive twenty percent of your total bill from a local community restaurant. Our goal is to continue and share our work around community buildingContinue reading “FOOD TIME with hotpot!”

Lesbioke and Sisters Double Outing Night

Lesbioke was a blast. A great idea for a gathering involving karaoke and dinner. Genius!! I will remember October 22, 2011 mesmerizing night. It was a great and a fantastic experience for me where twenty-three people gathered in New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant from 6 to 9 pm. At first, I was nervous as well asContinue reading “Lesbioke and Sisters Double Outing Night”

I Am film review

On July 9th, seven hotpot!-ers and friends went to see I Am, a documentary film by Sonali Gulati at Philadelphia QFest. The documentary tells us about her struggle in coming to terms with the fact that she hadn’t come out to her mother as a lesbian before her passing. Compelled by this need, she interviewedContinue reading “I Am film review”

Les-bi-oke Night Poll

UPDATE: We will have Les-bi-oke Night on August 27th from 6-8pm at New Harmony, a vegetarian family restaurant, located at 135 N. 9th Street (Cherry Street).¬† The cost will be $15 per person with dinner (a buffet style with 7 items of food). RSVP now to so we can get the room deal!¬† ThisContinue reading “Les-bi-oke Night Poll”

Border Crossings: Immigration and Transgender Communities

This workshop at the Trans Health Conference was presented by three people, Caitlin, Priyank and Laurent. There were a lot more people than expected attending and we had a great discussion time as well as some stories/resources sharing. Below are the handouts Caitlin shared with everyone at the conference. Queer and Trans Immigration Resource ListContinue reading “Border Crossings: Immigration and Transgender Communities”

Profile: HotPot! Co-Founder

Check out Alison’s Interview by a local gay newspaper, PGN – posted on their February 2011 issue. HotPot! and bubble tea A ccording to (a fabulous LGBTQ site for kids), in southern China during the late Qing Dynasty, two unrelated women could join together in an oath of sisterhood known as the Golden OrchidContinue reading “Profile: HotPot! Co-Founder”

Save The Date Events

Hi People, There are several exciting SAVE THE DATE events HotPot! is currently planning or supporting, thanks Tay and K for the details below. Make sure to mark them on your calendar! 1. Trans Health Conference¬† 2. Dyke March, June 11 3. Philly Pride Parade 2011 on Sunday, June 12th 4. Summer retreat September 17-18Continue reading “Save The Date Events”