Les-bi-oke II polling

Hi folks, last year hotpot! had our first karaoke night and it was such a success,  we’re hoping we can make it hotpot!’s yearly tradition. We have yet to choose a location but it’s coming soon, along with other details. For now, we just want to gather people’s availability, so please choose your best availabilityContinue reading “Les-bi-oke II polling”

The amazing experience that was NQAPIA

Wow, it’s already been a month since NQAPIA was held! I am in a different continent altogether and it really feels strange writing this blog post at this point in time. Numerous images from the conference are cascading my thoughts right now and I definitely remember being super excited and somewhat overwhelmed with the differentContinue reading “The amazing experience that was NQAPIA”

First time at a Queer AAPI South Asian National Conference

As the title says, it’s my first time being a presenter and attending a National Queer AAPI and South Asian conference so understandably, I was excited. Here are the skinny and bare opinions about some of the workshops I attended. How to Run the Best Meeting EVER! This was awesome and the best one yet.Continue reading “First time at a Queer AAPI South Asian National Conference”

Let’s share FOOD TIME with hotpot!

We are pleased to invite you to FOOD TIME with hotpot! at  Smile Cafe on these two dates: Monday, July 9th and Tuesday, July 17th from 5-9pm and at Sky Cafe on Tuesday, July 10th from 4-8pm. Sky Cafe is an Indonesian Restaurant with many fans, including some of hotpot!-ers and allies. FOOD TIME isContinue reading “Let’s share FOOD TIME with hotpot!”

Join hotpot! at Camden Riversharks Pride Night

UPDATE 6/21/2012 Unfortunately, Pride Night has been postponed because the city of Camden ran out of water. As they’ve said in the announcement, Pride Night has been rescheduled to Thursday, June 28th at 7:05 PM. I hope the new date will work out for people who were unable to attend tonight and we are lookingContinue reading “Join hotpot! at Camden Riversharks Pride Night”

LGBTQ Immigration Listening Forum May 2012

Click here to see more photos! This year, with the support of the Asian Mosaic Fund, hotpot! is hosting two LGBTQ Immigration Listening Forums. One of which has already happened last week and another in the fall. The work to organize our May forum was hard but rewarding. We had been working on it forContinue reading “LGBTQ Immigration Listening Forum May 2012”

Come and Join hotpot! at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

Hiya all, This year, hotpot! is brimming with excitement for our participation at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference (May 31st – June 3rd) at the Philadelphia Convention Center. The whole conference is free and you can register here. Below is the list of workshops/caucuses with API and South Asian content that we hope you willContinue reading “Come and Join hotpot! at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference”

My Indonesian Identity

So…what is Asian American? This question popped out in my head after we finished watching ‘A Song for Ourselves’, a movie about music and the beginning of Asian American Movement in the US. To me, being Asian American is confusing because I can be inside the Asian bracket but I never consider myself an American.Continue reading “My Indonesian Identity”

Queer/Trans and Immigrant Identities: Bringing Movements Together

On January 28th, hotpot!, along with NQAPIA (Ben de Guzman) and Unid@s (Lisbeth Melendez) presented a workshop called Queer/Trans and Immigrant Identities: Bringing Movements Together at the National Conference  on LGBT Equality: Creating Change. As one of the presenters, I was talking about my history of how I came to United States and about myContinue reading “Queer/Trans and Immigrant Identities: Bringing Movements Together”

December’s FOOD TIME with hotpot!

Thank you to all who have come to support hotpot! last November. The event was a success and we couldn’t do it without you. This time we are asking for your support again as we will have our second FOOD TIME with hotpot! on Monday December 5th and Tuesday, December 6th between 5-9pm at SmileContinue reading “December’s FOOD TIME with hotpot!”