Collaborative Workshop Initiative

hotpot! Presents:

Collaborative Workshop Initiative

Queer Asian-Pacific Island Women/Trans* folk gathering coordinates workshops exploring the intersection of queer and Asian identities

By Van Nguyen

January 22, 2013

Philadelphia, PA – The hotpot! Collaborative Workshop Initiative will create a series of six workshops: four in collaboration with various AAPI (Asian-American/Asian/Pacific-Islander) organizations in the area and two open to the entire Philadelphia community. While other queer people of color organizations do exist in Philadelphia, hotpot!’s role as the only active AAPI queer organization is important because of the specific needs of the AAPI community around racialization, language, culture, and histories of immigration. hotpot! is uniquely suited to handle both the emerging needs of bringing AAPI issues into broader LGBTQ conversations and affecting change from within the AAPI community to create a more holistic vision for justice that recognizes and values the range of gender and sexual diversity within its membership.

We invite any organizations that feel that their community would benefit from an informative workshop regarding the intersection of queer and AAPI identities to contact us for more information.

About hotpot!

We are a Philadelphia-based gathering working to build community for Queer Asian + Pacific Islander lesbian, bisexual women, trans*, gender variant/queer/non-conforming identified folks through social gatherings, political action and good food.

We came together in Philadelphia in 2009, and as we experience continual self-examination and transformation, we are gratefully challenged by the diversity of our lives. We seek to be sensitive, intentional, and inclusive in our mission, especially around the myriad of gendered, ethnic, and national cultures within our community. This tension is an ongoing conversation that we honor.

For more information, please visit


To learn more about this initiative, please contact

Van Nguyen, Steering Committee Member

Mobile: 215.645.2531

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