Team Laurent – in need of your support!

Dear hotpot!ers,
We talk a lot about movement, about chosen family, about having each other’s backs.
We are writing to you to make that a reality. Our friend and chosen fam, Laurent, needs our help. Laurent is a queer immigrant living in Philadelphia. More importantly, Laurent is a fierce community activistloyal friend, and long-time member of hotpot!. Laurent was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, and is in urgent need of an MRI and other medications. Laurent’s medical costs are growing exponentially, and working multiple jobs just isn’t enough.
Picture this: 
*A world where we don’t need to rely on the state (with their unreliable funding) for our basic needs.
*A world where queer, immigrant, and other communities support each other.
*A world where the cost of healthcare doesn’t stop us from lifesaving care.
You can help build this world. Sometimes queer people talk about chosen family and community – our loved ones who, for some of us, take the place of our birth families, and for others, provide lots of different kinds of love and support that we need, because being queer has taught us that a nuclear family structure can’t meet all of our needs. We are Laurent’s community, and today Laurent needs us.
Can you help? Donate now!
There are a few ways you can support:
1. Please donate however much you can here: Every dollar really does help.
2. Please pass this email on to your chosen fam, your networks, your movements. Spread this story far and wide, so that we can support each other and build a new world together!
3. Reach out! As much as Laurent needs our financial support now, this is also a mental and emotional battle. Pick up the phone, send a letter, bake some pumpkin bread – however you want to, show Laurent some love!
In solidarity,
Team Laurent

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