Holiday partaayy

December 9th marked the celebration of hotpot!’s year long achievements in community building and striving for social justice in Queer Asian circles.  The gathering at the holiday party was huge and most people arrived bearing gifts and a dish to give tribute to the hard work and dedication of hotpot!’s allies and members.

While one room harbored meaningful discussions of the activities that had been initiated through 2012, the other end of the house witnessed the emergence of a dance floor. I was in charge of the music, and I could not help but put some Michael Jackson tunes in the mix.  The moves that got busted as a result were frankly hilarious and wonderful to watch and overall, it was an amazing time reconnecting with hotpot! members after so long (I had my thesis due this fall). Thanks to all those who participated in dancing, conversing and eating good food; we all hope to see you at next year’s holiday partayyy.


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