November Community Meeting at William Way Center

This past Thursday, hotpot! had our second community meeting, which was attended by diverse community members. The meeting was to discuss and plan our upcoming LGBTQ Immigration Forum. The group was divided into 2 teams: one to plan the forum, and the other to design the Welcoming Guide for Queer Immigrants.

The forum planning team discussed how they want the format to be different than past forums–we want the attendees to actively participate, and not just simply sit there taking in information. We talked about locations, time, and most importantly who we want to see as panelists!

The other team, working on the Welcoming Guide, got right down to figuring out what queer-, trans-, and immigrant-friendly resources we collectively know. We began to compile a list of community organizations, provider resources, health services, LGBTQ organizations, and other resources that we want to make sure queer immigrants are able to find. Most importantly, we talked about our broad vision for the project, as a guide that will rely on narratives and stories from queer immigrants in Philadelphia. We’re excited to keep working on this project until next spring!

We hope you’ll join us,

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