Karaoke Becomes a hotpot! Tradition

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On September 22, twenty hotpot! members and loved ones came together for singing and dinner at New Harmony restaurant in Chinatown. Some friends loved playing the 80’s tunes, and others wanted to play the current top 40 songs, and still others enjoyed John Lennon and kids’ songs. Two members admitted that though they were late-bloomers to karaoke, they were moved to participate and sing out loud, giving caution (and possible embarrassed pink cheeks) to the wind! This being our 2nd annual, karaoke is becoming a tradition within hotpot! and we hope to have another run soon. (We’ve already started brainstorming ways to make it even more awesome.) Thanks to all who joined, and hope to see you and more of you next time. To those newcomers who allowed karaoke to be their first hotpot! event, you’re awesome and eager to see you at the next event.

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