flashback: hotpot! pride 2012 in pics

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NQAPIA conference reflections


a little late but  I did get a few photos to share at the NQAPIA conference this past July. i didn’t get to hang with other hotpot! folks as much as i wanted because i was mainly wearing my NQAPIA hat, but i did catch up with folks in the halls and of course over food.

that said, i was moved by attending my second NQAPIA conference. 3 year ago in Seattle i met an amazing crew of people, many of whom are now close friends and fellow board members. this year what stood out to me was that we had over 350 QAPI people and allies attend events at the White House, at the Artisphere, and all through our conference with such energy, poise, and power!

you can find out more about what’s new with the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance at http://www.NQAPIA.org



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Join us at the Philly Trans March 2012!

Hi hotpot!

On October 6th, there will be a rally at Love Park for the Philly Trans* March. This is its second year of existence, and hotpot! was present last year to support their cause. We write to you today to ask you in joining us for this important march for equality. We have quite a few wonderful signs, and the rally is free, so all you need to do is show up and find us! We’ll also be handing out hotpot! flyers so it would be lovely of everyone to help us out with that, too.

Here are the important details:

Saturday, October 6
Love Park at 16th and JFK Blvd.
Find Van or Bay. Email hotpotphilly@gmail.com for contact details.
Wear green in solidarity with hotpot!

Parking tips: Love Park has a garage underneath it with a special weekend rate of $8.50 for the whole day.
Public Transit: Take a trolley or train to Suburban Station and walk a few blocks NW. It shouldn’t be more than a few minutes away.

–hotpot! Steering Committee

From the facebook event page:

Join us October 6, 2012, for Philadelphia’s 2nd Philly Trans* March. The Philly Trans* March is not only a rally and demonstration, but rather a revolutionary movement. Open to people of all gender identities, expressions, and experiences, The Philly Trans* March welcomes everyone to join in this MARCH TOWARDS EQUALITY and protest against the hate, social injustice, and inequality faced by the trans*, gender variant, gender queer and gender non-conforming community.

Issues such as hate violence and the lack of official concern, healthcare policies, trans* media misrepresentation, financial and housing insecurity, police brutality, workplace policies and employment discrimination, and the lack of resources for t/gv/gq/gnc youth are just a few of the concerns being voiced upon in this year’s March.

PTM is also a CELEBRATION of the triumphs we have experienced in our city and the unique resources Philadelphia offers to our community. With an aim to increase Trans*, GV, GQ and GNC visibility and to gain equality, the Philly Trans* March is an affirmation of our beauty, strength, and diversity.Organized by members of Philly’s trans*, gender variant, gender queer and gender non-conforming community and allies, this endeavor is committed to creating a safer, more inclusive environment for everyone.

***This event is accessible for individuals with walking disabilities. A van will be included in the march for those who wish to participate.

***Volunteers/Safety Ambassadors are needed for this event, if interested please emailChristianLovehall@yahoo.com

Queer Beach Day 2012

Queer Beach Day 2012 happened on August 19th and it was amazing. It was so amazing that I didn’t have any time to take pictures. Around 30 folks showed up to beach and play paddle ball. Our friend Hillary’s dad bought us pizza and hoagies. I’m hoping to make this an annual event. Let’s beach together in 2013!

Love, m

September Lesbioke!!!

Hello folks,
I have gotten the final tally from our blog and the result is most people voted September 22nd, 7-10pm at New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant. Thank you for voting!
We will be in their private karaoke room.They have a selection of songs and we can bring our own favorite CDs (fyi- it is also a BYOB!).  We will get a 7 course meal and sing together into the night. The total cost per person is $20. If you can’t pay this amount but want to come please let me know, we may have minimal financial assistance (Also please let us know if you can donate more to help cover others with financial need).
Will you join us?
please RSVP (hotpotphilly@gmail.com)  by September 17th, although the sooner the better.

Looking forward to silly groups songs, romantic duets, and overall hotpot! cheer.

New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant (New Location)
135 N. 9th St., Philadelphia, PA