First time at a Queer AAPI South Asian National Conference

As the title says, it’s my first time being a presenter and attending a National Queer AAPI and South Asian conference so understandably, I was excited. Here are the skinny and bare opinions about some of the workshops I attended.

How to Run the Best Meeting EVER!

This was awesome and the best one yet. I learned new things about facilitating and MIT (Motivation, Information Tradition). Make it fun and productive!

Immigrants’ Rights for LGBT AAPIs: Defining the Agenda

Being an immigrant myself and deeply involved in immigrant communities, what the presenters had to say was nothing new to me, but I’m sure this was a really good and informative workshop for people who just begun to learn about immigration.

Communication and Conflict: How to Transform Your Organizational Culture (2 Parts)

This was another awesome workshop brought by my two favorites presenters, Bex and Moof. I got to learn how hotpot! is actually practicing a lot of the methods they taught in this workshop and how useful the methods are to resolve conflicts within members of an organization or at least make it workable so that no one had to leave the workplace/organization.

A Part, Yet Apart: LGBT South Asians

This was very informational for me as I learn new things about issues facing queer South Asians and the differences of self acceptance and community acceptance between the many South Asian nationalities and ethnicities. Another highlights was about one of the presenters, whose name I forgo. She read a letter she wrote about her many identities concerning being queer, a woman, an Indian born, an immigrant, a professor, a mother and many other things with how people see her from the outside and her seeing herself.

In closing, I’ll say this was a good conference experience and I’m glad I was there.

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