Let’s share FOOD TIME with hotpot!

We are pleased to invite you to FOOD TIME with hotpot! at  Smile Cafe on these two dates: Monday, July 9th and Tuesday, July 17th from 5-9pm and at Sky Cafe on Tuesday, July 10th from 4-8pm.

Sky Cafe is an Indonesian Restaurant with many fans, including some of hotpot!-ers and allies.

FOOD TIME is our fundraising endeavor where hotpot! will receive fifteen to twenty percent of your total bill from a local community restaurant. Our goal is to continue and share our work around community building and LGBTQ immigration.

This July, we’ll be heading to Washington, DC to present at The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) Conference that only happens every three years!. We need to raise $2000 to keep hotpot! on track to attend with 12 members. Recognizing that it is a privilege to have paid vacation days and that without them days at the conference is a financial loss, we will reimburse those hotpot! members. This is why we’re asking for your help.

Please support us at Smile Cafe and Sky Cafe and check out the menu on their website. If you have never eaten Indonesian food before, or never been to Sky Cafe or if you’ve been to Smile Cafe (Thai food) and want something different, check out yelp reviews to see what people say about them (Rated at 4.5 stars!!).

Date:    Monday, July 9th & Tuesday, July 17th
Time:    5-9pm
Venue:  Smile Cafe
105 S. 22nd Street (between Chestnut and Samson Streets)
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone:  215.564.2502

Date:   Tuesday, July 10th
Time:    4-8pm
Venue:  Sky Cafe
1540 Ritner St.
Philadelphia, PA 19145
Phone:  (215) 271 1983

If you can’t come, you can still donate; just send us email at hotpotphilly@gmail.com.

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Reflections of Deen’s “Draw the Circle”

I experienced Deen’s “Draw the Circle” on April 5th, and thought it was so electrifying that I had to experience it on April 8th also. I come away with many thoughts, three of them follow:

1. I think that art is not merely the show on the stage. After seeing the same theatrical piece on two different nights with two different audiences, I am sure that the ways in which the actor on the stage interacts (consciously or subconsciously) with the varying audiences in the house, and vice-versa audience with actor, changes the art itself. The art occurs on both sides of the open curtain. Performance art can never be the exact same art twice. When I consider 1.the differences among who my co-audience members were, 2.my concurrent thoughts and feelings, 3.the locations of my seats in the theater, and even 4.that at the 2nd show I was already anticipating Deen’s lines, I did indeed experience two different pieces of art. 

2. There are relationships among race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality that is undeniable to me and a couple of other folks who believe in intersections of identity.  This is the basis of much of my adolescent and adult periods. No fancy surgeons or psychotherapists can take that away.

3. There is an incredible art in which a person can look at a parent-child relationship from a 30-something year span, and trim it down to a 2 minute anecdote in which the character Father says to himself, “I think I will buy this [men’s] polo shirt for Deen [who used to be my daughter].”


hotpot! at Philly Pride 2012

hotpot! had a blast marching in the Pride Parade today. We decorated a car with several Asian flags, posters, and a lion head. We debuted our new banner and even attracted some new friends from the sidelines to join us on our march.

As for honors, hotpot! won best public statement this year with our mission!

It’s always great to meet new people and it’s great to start the summer off with excitement!

hotpot! @ Philly Dyke March

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We were there, queer and fabulous in green!

Over 20 hotpot! members and allies marched this afternoon in Philly’s Dyke March.

Join us today as we march in Philly’s Pride parade.

We’re meeting between 11am and noon at 13th and Locust.

Happy Pride!!!!!

Join hotpot! at Camden Riversharks Pride Night

UPDATE 6/21/2012

Unfortunately, Pride Night has been postponed because the city of Camden ran out of water. As they’ve said in the announcement, Pride Night has been rescheduled to Thursday, June 28th at 7:05 PM. I hope the new date will work out for people who were unable to attend tonight and we are looking forward to see you then!


Hello folks,

It’s almost Summer time and to celebrate the days getting hotter we would like to present you with Pride Night, a baseball game event by Camden Riversharks, a minor league baseball team. The Pride night they are hosting on Thursday, June 21st at 7:05pm will be dedicated to celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ community. Some of hotpot!members will also be there, join us!

Plus if you buy tickets you’ll help support hotpot!. It is easy, go to www.riversharks.com and put down the code: hotpot. We will earn $5 from every ticket sold! Check out the attached flyer for a complete step-by-step ordering guide.

We also have 2 tickets given to us by Riversharks’ theme night coordinator. The tickets are $11 each. By doing this, you can save money on the online surcharge fee. Please let us know by emailing us at hotpotphilly@gmail.com if you plan to attend and if you want one of the $11 tickets.

Lastly, they are still looking to fill performances for Pride Night so if you know any dance, choir, or any other performance groups who would be interested in performing at Campbell’s Field for the game or to order group tickets, please contact Mike Barone, the theme night Coordinator for Camden Riversharks at mbarone@riversharks.com.

Dyke March and Pride, June 9th and 10th, come join us!!!

June is here and we invite you join us at the Dyke March and Pride. hotpot! members, family, friends, and allies will all be marching together.

Dyke March-June 9th
Rally: 3pm at Kahn Park (11th and Pine streets)
March: Step off promptly at 4pm

Historically, dyke marches were started as a protest to the more mainstream, and patriarchal pride parades. Always a blast, get ready to make noise and literally take to the streets.

Pride – June 10th
Meet up: 11am at 13th and Locust
March: Starts at noon!

June is recognized as Gay Pride Month throughout the World.  Philly Pride is one of hundreds of Gay Pride organizations organizing and presenting spectacular outside events to promote the visibility of the LGBT community. In Philadelphia the Pride March goes along a route that borders Chinatown and this creates an opportunity raise QTAPI visibility in our Asian communities.  Our theme this year for Pride is LGBTQ Immigration.

Please wear green shirts to visibly unify yourself with hotpot! and RSVP to hotpotphilly@gmail.com to let us know if you plan to attend one or both of the events!

These events will be the debut for our new hotpot! banner.

check out these photos from last year’s marches and this link to our post from last year.