Dyke March- June 9th

This time a year ago I remember reading emails from the listserv and posts on the blog about dyke march. I remember being nervous and hesistant to come out and meet total strangers. I worried about fitting in, about the fact that I hadn’t really been active in Philadelphia’s queer community or had any experience organizing. All those worries went away when I came to Dyke March last year and met all these amazing individuals who made me feel welcome.

As a person who grew up yearning to see LGBTQ Asian and Pacific Islanders in the media and around me, I can personally attest to how much visibility means. If you’re reading this right now and maybe have some of the same concerns as I did, I hope you take a chance and join us!

Please join hotpot! Saturday, June 9th at Kahn Park (11th and Pine streets) for Dyke March.
Rally: 3pm
Step-off: 4pm

Bring family and friends.
Wear a green shirt to visibly unify yourself with hotpot!

Please RSVP to hotpotphilly@gmail.com if you plan to come out

What is Dyke March?

Historically, dyke marches were started as a protest to more mainstream, patriarchal pride parades. For more history and information on Philadelphia Dyke March please visit http://www.phillydykemarch.com/.

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