NEUVSA conference

On April 5th, hotpot! joined the NEUVSA (North East Union of Vietnamese Student Associations, their acronym is pronounced “new-V.S.A.”) at Drexel University for a day filled with inspiration and conversations. My jaded heart was actually warmed by the keynote speaker, Ethan Nguyen, who shared an engaging and participatory speech on the power of courage and the possibilities that come with building friendships and networks with others in a larger community–one of those amazing speeches where the speaker facilitated the audience to get to the theme. Ethan is seriously TEDx material, check out this presentation he did at TEDxphilly, here.

hotpot!’s very own Van presented a workshop on the topic of “being LGBTQ, Vietnamese, and Asian American.” It was great to be invited to share LGBTQ perspectives at a Vietnamese Student Association conference. We were also excited to see Nancy Nguyen from BPSOS who led conversations around USA immigration history specifically concerning the Vietnamese diaspora across the hall.
hotpot! would love to attend more campus conversations!! please invite us.

Campus organizing is sooo refreshing. Check out NEUVSA’s website: and feel the organizational capacity of these amazing college activists. They have an amazing film-maker amongst their midst…talk about inspirational~ Also, their banh mi’s tasted really good too. yay food.


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