Queer Shame: A conversation about identity with Deen, the playwright/performer of Draw the Circle

When: Monday, April 2, 7pm

Where: William Way Community Center, 1315 Spruce St., Phila, PA

Price: Free and Open to the Public

RSVP: William Way Community Center, 215-732-2220, info@waygay.org

Bring your open heart and a willingness to participate in this unique conversation about the liminal spaces we live in, and live from. The evening will begin with an exploration of our own personal histories and struggles to deal with being told that we must be less than we are. We’ll hear from Deen about the ways in which he was exiled from his Indian family and friends when he came out as queer, and then was challenged in the LGBT community after he came out as transgender. He will speak about his experience in the Radical Faerie community and we’ll conclude the night by sharing the ways we have been limited by other people’s expectations, and we will strive to break those boxes, to feel our loveliness, our beauty, our strength together in community.  Deen is the playwright/performer of Draw the Circle, directed by Chay Yew, which will have its world premiere at InterAct Theatre from April 4-8 (William Way outing: Sunday, April 8, 2pm).  A first-generation South Asian American playwright and performer, Deen is a member of the Public Theater’s Emerging Writers Group and his first full-length play, Shut-Up!, won the Dennis Johnston Playwriting Prize and the James Baldwin Award.


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