annual hotpot! hot pot

Please join hotpot! for our annual hot pot
Where: Delaware
When: Saturday Feb 25 from 1 to 4pm

This is a potluck-style hot pot but it’s different than our monthly potlucks in that we are having a planned menu. The host will be preparing a beef-based hotpot, and are going to see if they can get a second burner for a vegan version.  The ingredients that we all need to bring are: Scallions, Spinach, Watercress, other leafy greens, Nappa, Fish Balls, Eggs, Tofu, Cilantro, Fresh Mushrooms, Hotpot-style dumplings, Fresh Bean Sprouts.  Please RSVP to by Feb 19 Sun and mention which ingredient you would like to bring. You maybe asked to bring a specific ingredient so we have a nice variety of ingredients.

We are coordinating rides so if you plan on attending and want to make arrangements, please mention that in your RSVP.


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