hotpot! + qpa holiday party pics

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Great seeing everyone at our holiday event. Enjoy the photos!


2nd Annual Fundraiser Dinner!!

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On November 18th, 2011 hotpot! threw our second annual fundraiser dinner. The fundraiser dinner’s purpose was to help members attending the Creating Change conference with travel expenses and wages lost. Over $1200 was raised, bringing us closer to our goal. hotpot! was graciously hosted at the beautiful home of Sarah Z, a fierce hotpot! ally in West Philadelphia. Dinner was catered by 3 hotpot! members, as always, the food was delicious! We enjoyed tomato bisque, pumpkin dip with gingersnaps, and Pulau rice (a Nepali spiced dish)- just to name a few dishes. We are so grateful for all those that attended- current members, friends, allies and even newcomers!  Special shout outs to our wonderful chef’s Van, Laurent, and Reeta and our fabulous host Sarah Z!

We still need another $100o to ensure that everyone is able to attend Creating Change. And to the 50 people who already donated a huge hug of appreciation. If you’d like to make a donation please email us at

2011 Hotpot! & QPA Holiday Party

It’s getting closer by the minute! Please RSVP if you haven’t already.

Join us on Saturday, December 17 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Lofts At Bella Vista (Basement)1101 Washington Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19147

There is plenty of entertainment, including karaoke and a white elephant game (wrap and bring any unwanted presents or stuff lying around worth <$15 to participate). We also have a cash bar for alcohol along with great food provided by our members and friends. The $5 cover goes towards both of the groups’ budgets for the coming year.

Hope to see you there!

Remember to join us at the last hotpot! potluck of 2011

Sun Dec 18, 5pm-7pm
We are having a potluck for potluck’s sake! Our first in a long time with no “agenda.”  We’ll do intros and an ice breaker, secret santa for those who wanted to participate, and have conversation and crafts. Perhaps a spontaneous dance party will emerge! The sky’s the limit people! Bring your best party tricks, and a dish or beverage to share for about 10-14 people.

monthly potlucks are open to Queer Asian women, trans*, gender variant and genderqueer/nonconforming identified folks
for location, please email

AND Come one hour earlier, Sun Dec 18, 4pm-5pm for the BOLD! Gathering talk-back
same location, same day as the potluck
Two members represented hotpot! at the BOLD! Gathering in Minneapolis/St. Paul earlier this month and want to share experiences/stories/workshop exercises/revelations with you. Hotpot! was present at the gathering as a grantee of the Racial Equity Initiative for the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund.
BOLD! Gathering = national Queer & Trans People of Color Gathering to Support Our Liberation and Self-Determination

Just being ME

When I recently was asked to identify my sexual orientation at counseling, I identified as being FTM transgender and that I like women. However, it’s such a tough subject for me to discuss. Not because it makes me feel uncomfortable, but because the answer cannot be in one word. I guess I felt if I just said I was queer, it would not define me. I feel like it’s much more complicated than that.

For my younger years, I felt that I was a lesbian. I did everything in my power to identify with my female emotions and my female outer parts. I met a small group of lesbians when I first came out. It was an awesome experience where, for once, I felt like it was okay to like women the way I did. However, it made me feel completely out of place when I looked around and saw that I was the only one who wore men’s clothing. All the butch women still wore women’s shoes and clothing. I just knew I was slightly different.

After I watch a documentary about a transman, I was able to relate to how he felt. Ever since I was a young child, I felt that I was a man trapped in a woman’s body but I guess after all the years trying to fit in during middle and high school, I just buried that belief so far deep inside just to fit in with the rest of the world. As I approached my early adulthood and being in several serious relationships, I managed to slowly let those feelings out and realized that I was transgender.

In social events, I realized I was apart of the girls’ club almost all the time. My skill and joy of cooking left me in the kitchen with the girls. It was very rare that I would be with the boys in front of the television talking about sports, cars, or movies. However, when it came time for a cigarette, I would be apart of the boys’ club. It would be this awkward moment where I didn’t know what the hell to talk about.

So even though I can definitely identify as being a transman, does it make me less of a man for being apart of the girls’ club? For liking chick flicks? For talking about shoes and purses? I will not lie and say that I don’t struggle with it in my head at times. However, most of the time, the outcome is this: I am physically a female and it takes control over my thoughts and needs at times; and secondly, my soul, that is a guy, takes over the rest of the time. I think that’s what makes me, ME. I am FTM transgender and not a cis-man. So of course I’m going to be female at times. And it’s okay. I will not get offended that you use “she/her”.