AMF awards hotpot! $5,085!!

The Asian Mosaic Fund Giving Circle has elected to award Hotpot! a $5,085 grant!  There will be a grants award reception on November 15th at 5:30pm. We hope that you will attend and celebrate with us! For more information, please refer to the upcoming events page. Below is an overview of hotpot!’s proposal to the AMF as well as a little background information about AMF themselves.

Hotpot!’s proposal:

We hope this grant will catalyze our movement-building around immigration issues both in the LGBTQ communities and Asian American communities across Philadelphia. In our city, there is great need to support LGBTQ Immigrants who face xenophobia, racism and silence in mainstream LGBTQ groups. Again there is also a need to support LGBTQ Immigrants who are made invisible in their own ethnic communities because of homophobia and transphobia.

We hope you will consider our application for the Asian Mosaic Fund in the amount of $5000 to support us in our efforts around visibility and education for and about LGBTQ Immigrants. We propose to host two more listening forums on LGTBQ Immigration priorities locally and to present at three National Conferences on issues of LGBTQ Immigration including Creating Change 2012 in Baltimore, MD and the National Queer Asian and Pacific Islander 2012 Conference in Arlington, VA. Our goal is to have over 150 people attend the listening forums and to directly reach over 200 people through our conference presentations. Through these conversations and our partnerships with organizations such as New Sanctuary Movement, Pennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coalition, and the National Queer Asian and Pacific Islander Alliance, we plan to organize our resources and construct and distribute a welcoming guide for LGBTQ immigrants in Philadelphia. This would include information on peer, medical, educational, and legal counsel in our neighborhoods and would be distributed to individuals and agencies serving immigrants and LGBTQ people. Our impact will be multiplied through information we share through our blog, list servs, facebook page, and monthly meetings.

The American Mosiac Fund Giving Circle:

The Asian Mosaic Fund is a diverse group of multi-generational donors committed to advancing the well-being of the Greater Philadelphia Asian community.  In 2011, the Asian Mosaic Fund Giving Circle focused its granting to support small organizations that use community involvement to serve the needs of recent Asian immigrants.  Thanks to the generosity of donors, we raised $25,452 this year to distribute in grants.


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