Queer, API, and Trans*: Marching with hotpot!

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It was a cathartic event for me as a trans-feminine genderqueer person to march with my friends in support of trans* people on October 8th. Many of our members and allies joined in celebrating peoples’ gender identities and we had an amazing time meeting old and new friends as we marched around center city. Energized by the opening speakers, we set forth to bring befuddled looks to the faces of people walking the streets before garnering a smile or, occasionally, cheers from them.

After a long, long walk, we headed to Mixx Asian Bistro in Chinatown for our first Fun Pod organized event and, as per usual, had great food, conversations, and cuddling. As the night went on, those who were still up for fun visited Sisters Nightclub for the Trans-March happy hour for a bit before turning in after a long, wonderful day.


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