Post-Retreat Update

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Two weekends ago, 13 members of hotpot! went for a retreat at the Mohican Outdoor Center in the Poconos (Delaware Water Gap). Our group arrived on Friday night along with the facilitators, Sine and Monna, who gave us a full schedule for the weekend. We brainstormed ideas on values, mission and vision. We did exercises such as the privilege walk and privilege circle (you can ask us for details).

Some of the results of the retreat were the hotpods (these are smaller action-based groups within hotpot! that coordinate different things like, design, media, social and outreach needs/events). We also formed committees to finish the full text for our values, mission and vision.

It wasn’t all business however, as some members were able to squeeze in some late night dipping time in the lake, learning the wobble dance and the canoeing at the last day before we all went home.

The food was good–we ate chili, massive amounts of fruit, and the chocolate spread was gone by Sunday brunch.

– written by Laurent and Megumu-

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