Lesbioke and Sisters Double Outing Night

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Lesbioke was a blast. A great idea for a gathering involving karaoke and dinner. Genius!!

I will remember October 22, 2011 mesmerizing night. It was a great and a fantastic experience for me where twenty-three people gathered in New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant from 6 to 9 pm. At first, I was nervous as well as excited to be there. Nervous because everything was new to me and excited because it was karaoke!! Come on, who does not like to sing?

The atmosphere of the place and the people were hospitable and mirthful. Everyone was in such a good spirit. We were singing, talking, cheering and eating. Later on, I was simply enjoying and having fun. I met new people and reconnected with people I had met before. This event made my long and tired week come to a relaxing end. Additional to that, it brings so much joy to meet queer people who are one of a kind. Oh!  high five to the people who went to SISTERS after Lesbioke. We danced and did tequila shots together !

Before I stop writing, I have a confession to make. Honestly, I was kind of skeptical about the “vegetarian” food only menu because I am a meat lover. To my surprise, the food wowed me. My taste buds were thanking the chef for the delicious dishes secretly!

Hotpot!, thank you for the great time. Keep up the great work and hope to see and be in lots and lots of your events!


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