Hotpot! done did Hotbowl!

Date:  Saturday, September 17th
Location:  Playdrome in Cherry Hill, NJ
Attended By:  7 members, 4 friends & allies
Organized By:  Em Sov & Alison Lin
How much was raised: ~$200

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Trippin’ stumblin’ flyin’ down the lane with a shiny fuchsia 8-pounder leading the way to victory! No amount of gutters can shake this spirit. Bay on the line so hold the phone and let me tell you about this FUNdraiser we had.

Attended by seven members and four friends & allies, eleven was a fruitful number for a sweaty session of bowling at the Playdrome in Cherry Hill, NJ. This event, organized by Em and Alison, raised nearly 200 buckaroos to help sponsor our recent retreat! I call that success. And next time, you oughta not miss out.

There was also a bonus after session of 8 Ball billiards and super intense air hockey (the intensity was mostly on my behalf…)


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