NQAPIA 2011 summit in San Jose, CA…

The NQAPIA (The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance) 2011 summit was an inspiring experience for a new organizational leader such as myself.  The summit allowed me to network with the many Queer Asian and Pacific Islander organizations across the country.  It was particularly interesting to speak to people who have been doing social justice work in their organizations for decades, as well as organizations that have almost 1,000 members.  It was an honor to speak on behalf of hotpot! with Alison about Immigration reform and the work that we have been doing to for immigrants and Queer Immigrant’s rights in Philadelphia.  The Issues Briefing portion of the summit stood out in my mind due to the profoundly moving presentations about LGBTQ Asians and their families (ie: Belinda Dronkers Laureta speech and the Asian Pride Project video).  It showed me how personal stories really can be a powerful tool for change.  The workshop I attended called Building Strong and Active Organizations by Motivating Ourselves and Each Other also gave me a lot to think about and take back to my organization.  I learned how to engage and motivate an individual in order to make a larger impact on their future support or involvement.  Overall, the summit filled me with motivation to continue the work I’m doing and to feel much more confident in myself as an organizational leader.

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