July hotpot! potluck

Our July hotpot! potluck was a success. We got to know each other through icebreaker games, shared stories about coming out and our families, and enjoyed an array of delicious cuisines.


I Am film review

On July 9th, seven hotpot!-ers and friends went to see I Am, a documentary film by Sonali Gulati at Philadelphia QFest.

The documentary tells us about her struggle in coming to terms with the fact that she hadn’t come out to her mother as a lesbian before her passing. Compelled by this need, she interviewed other queer Indians and their parents, and asks parents this pressing question, “would it be better if they didn’t know about their children’s sexuality and what are their thoughts about it?”

Another focus of the documentary was the LGBTQ rights movement in India and  the involvement of some of the people she interviewed. Being gay was a criminal and punishable offense until, these activists refused to hide in the shadows and live in fear, instead they spear headed the movement to repeal the portion of  section 377, a law in the Indian’s Penal Code, that outlawed same sex sexual activity. They were victorious in July 2009.

I Am is the director’s journey of getting her questions answered through strong individuals stories, families, and the change within herself and the families when some of the parents did a complete turnaround and truly support their children now.

Les-bi-oke Night Poll

UPDATE: We will have Les-bi-oke Night on August 27th from 6-8pm at New Harmony, a vegetarian family restaurant, located at 135 N. 9th Street (Cherry Street).  The cost will be $15 per person with dinner (a buffet style with 7 items of food). RSVP now to hotpotphilly@gmail.com so we can get the room deal!  This is a social event, all hotpot! members, partners, family and friends are welcome to join.

hotpot! is having a karaoke  night in August and we want you all to come out and join us. We’re thinking of Yakitori Boy (open 5pm-2am daily) for location.  Please participate in the poll below as we want to know which date and time is the best for people.

For information of how the room/people and cost is arranged, please click on this link. There is also free room promotion.

According to their website, “Book your private karaoke room during the hours of 5PM-11PM Sunday-Thursday or 5PM-8PM Friday or Saturday and meet or exceed the hourly SPENDING MINIMUM through your food & drink purchases…and we will waive the room charge!”

If you have any question or comment, please drop it in the comment section or email us at hotpotphilly@gmail.com.

The poll is now closed and the winning vote is…….[drum roll]

Saturday, August 27th 6-8pm!!!