Annual HotPot! HotPot!

Heya all!

Just doing a little report here for people who didn’t know what’s what. Last Saturday, we had an annual HotPot! Hotpot at a member’s house in Wilmington, DE. People were bringing assortment of goodies to cook, from rice noodles to beef and mushrooms to fried tofus. The event was open not just to members but also to friends, lovers and allies. A total of 14 people came and it was a blast!

There were lots of fond memories but if I have to choose one it’s definitely this one: We opted to just throw things into the Hotpot and hoped after a few minutes it will be cooked. We were being polite in the beginning and used the appropriate strainer to fish out the food but after a while we all gave up and use our own personal chopsticks. No wonder the stew was so good in the end. Everyone put a little bit of themselves (and their sauces concoction) into it!

After everyone’s full, our host, HyeJohn, delivered a wonderful news…Klondike dessert, vanilla ice cream with Dark chocolate. Yum! For some, it was their first time having a Klondike, for the others it was a delightful treat.

Good times were had and we went home happy. I hope next year’s annual HotPot! hotpot will be as good as this one if not better. Until next time.


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